Friday, November 24, 2017

"My Name Is Nat Turner"
Viron Silvestre
Mr. Genova
8th Grade


My name is Nat turner
My epidermis is black as the ebony sky
I know I should not be out this late
I now this frigid pistol don’t belong in my hand
What’s wrong?
Thinking you can own a crony, a man?
Torture another man, simply for their race?
Taking revenge for no reason
The anger returns with a vengeance, scorches
The doubt from mind
A sound
A river flowing
An image
A deer running
Something I shall never be
I close my eyes
Thinking how free I can be
Something I shall never be
I close my I eyes
Thinking how free I can be
If only I wasn’t property
As the sun slowly turns off
As the sun become dark as my skin
The eclipse
My task, I must remember what he told me
The pistol, the pistol, frigid and hard in my hand
With this in one hand I can change slavery
But in the other I am holding men’s life
It’s time
I can feel it, the time has come
As this man stands here, behind me
Many other almost as dark as coal
As they stand there ready to strike
An image
As dark, dangerous
Lick us
I nodded
They know what to do as we marched
Thru the dark house
My heart racing with adrenaline cruising through my veins
As we approached the house, it loams over us
As if it was waiting for me
Looking room from room
As I walking towards him
The floor boards they creak in the silent night

He woke up
He saw the pistol in my hand
Feeling pain
I recoil
Grabbing his throat
Choking him
Suddenly he stopped moving
His limbs were flailing
Flying every were
A loud ‘’bang’’ shaking the ground benefit me
A pistol
I have him we won
The revolution
It’s over
He is rigid, pale, and still
Like a sleeping baby 
My master
Has been slayed
In a crimson pool of blood, a pool of hate
My name is Nat Turner
I was a slave like you and me
But now I hang high above the clouds
For my deeds
Hanging high for what I believe
Hanging high for a revolution
That word hovers over and around me
Lick a vulture, over dead men
The one in the sky
The one that is amid and sees you and me
He thinks we are all equal, waiting for us to drop
My name is Nat Turner
I was a slave like you and me
But soon I shall be finally free
Free like a bird soaring thru the Amazon sky


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