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All students will become active learners in a safe and nurturing school environment that respects individual differences and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the context of real life experience that will enable them to become successful and productive citizens.



We believe that each child has his/her own individual capacities and characteristics and that the staff at Park City Magnet will to the best of its ability provide each child with the kind of education suited for him/her. With this in mind we will plan accordingly and seek to understand student processes in our delivery of instruction.  In addition, the specialty focus of science and technology will be infused in all areas of instruction.  Park City Magnet will continue to provide clear expectations and academic rigor in fostering a learning community.  We seek to socialize intelligence so that all students and staff can benefit from one another’s acquired knowledge.



1.   Children at all grade levels, and in all courses, will become proficient and independent thinkers, readers, and writers, and will be enabled to function at or above grade level.

2.   Staff will expect all children to perform at or above grade level.

3.   Parents will become active partners in the education (i.e. reading, writing, listening, speaking, higher order thinking, and social skills) of their children.

4.   Staff, parents, students will expect all students to become fully functioning members of the Park City Magnet School community.




1.  Literacy

2.  Numeracy

3.  Parent Involvement

4.  Other Student Learning Issues


1.  Academic (identified on CAPT)

2.  Parent Involvement

3.  Other Student Learning Issues



Rationale/Student Data Analysis


Briefly explain how your data analysis guided your selection of performance standards/objectives in focus area.


Based on the last three years of DRA analysis, reading achievement for grade one students needs the greatest amount of attention.  K-3 teachers assess students with the DRA three times a year (10/03,1/04,5/04, 10/04,1/05,5/05 ) and link the DRA to the DRA Continuum.  When teachers complete this process they can determine what specific skills should be the focus of their instruction for individual students or groups of students.  Although the DRA focus is narrative, Park City Magnet will promote the use of nonfiction text when purchasing items for the school.  The CMT is primarily focused on informational text and children need to be taught to differentiate between fiction and nonfiction.


After further analysis of CMT, Off level CMT, and On-Line Assessment data, another major area of concern is grade 7 mathematics.  Fifty percent (50%) of our 7th grade students are only demonstrating 50% mastery in mathematics skills areas.  Teachers are directed to use the On-Line Assessment data to target specific areas that need work.  CMT strands identified speak to areas of greatest deficiency and since strands are hierarchical attacking higher-level strands should net improvement along the continuum.


Park City Magnet’s data indicates that students are currently achieving AYP levels as established under NCLB legislation.  For 2003-2003 Park City Magnet exceeded state and national guidelines by 2%.  Currently we are 2% suggested Annual target for this school year and project 5% unless we can keep current tutoring levels up and continue to enhance classroom teaching support-literacy coach.  We need additional assistance in mathematics; currently working with PIMMS initiatives and GEAR Up.



To assist students in developing proficiency, confidence, and fluency in reading, writing, and speaking to meet the literacy demands of the 21st century.



To provide an opportunity for students to master operations, number sense, estimation and integrate understanding utilizing logic and reasoning within the context of problem solving.

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