Friday, December 15, 2017
Student Absences
Tardy Reporting
 (203) 275-3000
Call before 9:00am
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Who to call about....

Administrative Issues

Selena Morgan, Prinicpal   (203) 275-3000 

Coretta Dean, Assistant Pricipal (203) 275-3000                                                 

Student Transfers & Withdrawls

Main Office Staff 

Mrs. Angela Markoya (203) 275-3000

Ms. Edit Valle (203) 275-3000  



Academic Placement Student Support Services    

Alyson Panaro, Guidance Counselor (203) 275-3008


Attendance  Coordinator

Ms. Edith Valle (203) 275-3016  

Bus Transportation Issues

Ms. Edith Valle (203) 275-3000

WE Transort Bus Co. (203) 883-8081

Director of Transportation,
Mr. Raul Laffitte (203) 275-1020

Health Concerns

Nurse  (203) 275-3012 Mrs. Kelly Merritt Frechette, R.N.


Social & Emotional Concerns

Social Worker (203) 275-3007 Ms. Jacqueline Roscoe 
Psychologist  (203) 275-3009 Ms. Jane Rogers

Lunch Information School Cafeteria  (203) 275-3015


School Security Issues  

Security Officer (203) 275-3001 Mr. Anthony Velazquez

Lighthouse Afterschool
Program (Leave Message)  

Directors  (203) 275-3006  

Ms. Heather Risley
Mrs. Judy LaMonico

Parent Issues Home School Coordinator

Keshna Wiggins (203)275-3011

HELP for other issues 

2-1-1 Info Line

Teacher Conference                                                           

Should be arranged through a written note and sent directly to the teacher.





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