Friday, December 15, 2017


To create a nurturing school culture of students, staff, parents and community working collaboratively to promote academic excellence and a common vision of life-long self-directed learners and leaders.


  • Come to school on time every day; have all your materials and homework ready. Bring a pencil everyday!
    • 8:50 A.M. - 3:10 P.M. Full day 
    • 8:50 A.M. -12:50 P.M. Half day 
  • Morning Delays: 
    • 60 minute delay: school begins at 9:50 A.M. 
    • 90 minute delay: School begins at 10:20 A.M.
  • Do not bring to school any items, which might disrupt the educational process (electronics, games, cards, etc.), or they will be confiscated.
  •  Respect the feelings, ideas, culture, property, and space of other students and adults.
  • Never be physical with someone. Use Conflict Resolution strategies, and remember to attack the problem, not the person.
  • Listen to your teachers and parents, and always exercise the Pillars of Character in order to become a better person.


     Students at Cesar A. Batalla School have the choice of wearing navy or khaki (beige) pants, like Dockers or Dickies, for example, or navy or khaki skirts or jumpers with white, navy or yellow polo shirts or button down shirts or blouses. Students are not allowed to wear jeans to school and shirts and blouses must be tucked into their pants or skirts and must wear belt. Students must wear black or brown shoes or black or white sneakers.

Places where you may purchase uniforms: Teddies on Boston Avenue --Walmart - Burlington Coat Factory - Rainbow/Rainbow Kids --Regine on Boston Avenue - Nosotros on East Main St.


Good attendance is very important.

Excessive absences or tardiness will affect your child's learning.

 It is a Connecticut State Law that a student that has excessive absences comes under the truancy policy and must be reported to the proper authorities. School personnel are required to become involved with the family if attendance is poor. A student with twenty absences in a school year is classified as a habitual truant.

If your child must be absent, please send a note explaining why. This is required. Six or more unexcused absences will result in the child failing for that marking period!

ALSO, students should not be taken out of class early unless absolutely necessary and then parents are to sign their child out in the office.

Parents should avoid interrupting class at the end of the day.

Please wait outside for your child. Siblings are not permitted upstairs.


It is a policy of the Bridgeport Board of Education that students be given homework five days a week.

The purpose of homework is as follows: -

  • to give increased practice in particular skills -
  • to make up work lost because of absence -
  • to assist parent support -
  • to enhance classroom learning -
  • to promote self-discipline.


Kindergarten should also receive homework regularly.

Grades 1-2 15-20 minutes

Grades 3-6 60 minutes 


In case of school closing or early dismissal due to weather or emergency situations, please listen to the following stations; WEBE - 108FM WICC - 60AM WEZN - 100FM WCUM - 1450AM TV - 12