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CMT - Generation 4  Frequently Asked Questions

What type of calculator should students use on the test?

Students should be using the calculator with which they are most familiar, either a four function or graphing calculator. Calculator use on the CMT should mirror calculator use in the classroom. They are tools which enhance students' ability to solve problems in context, not to perform straight computation.

Calculators are permitted on sessions 2 and 3 for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. Only PDAs and devices with the potential ability to communicate electronically are prohibited.

What kinds of classroom visuals can be allowed?

As in test administration during previous generations, all classroom visuals such as number lines, place value charts, posters with formulas and problem solving strategies, must be hidden or removed from the view of test takers.

Is there a formula sheet for every grade?

A formula sheet is provided for grade 8 only. Formulae and conversions are included in some items at the other grade levels. In general, at the appropriate grade levels, students should know the name and relationship between units, 1000 units, 1/100 and 1/1000 of a unit for metric measures as well as basic information such as number of inches in a foot or yard and number of days in a year.

What kinds of highlighters can be used?

Students can highlight and underline and make marks in the test booklets. There are no stated stipulations on the type of highlighter. Students should use the highlighter with which they are most familiar.

How are the rulers different for CMT4?

Measurements for this generation will be done with rulers which do not have a recessed origin. Grade appropriate rulers are provided for the CMT. Grade 3 and 4 rulers are white. The rulers for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 are light blue.

How many strand 25 questions are there on generation 4?

There are 2 strand 25 items at every grade level. Both are placed on the last session of the tests at each grade level. Care has been taken to balance the types of questions to which students must respond on that session.

Can students write anywhere in the test booklet?

There will be one test booklet for all mathematics sessions. Although responses are written in the test booklet, scrap paper should be provided for all test sessions. Students should be cautioned not to write or make stray marks in the areas of the booklet where multiple choice answers are bubbled in.

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