Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Tutor At Home With You!
This is a great site to help parents and students with their homework.
Between the Lions Reading
Great for beginning readers!
Discovery Channel
Find homework help, brain teasers, and clipart.
Enchanted Learning
Great Educational Site for all ages
Fun Brain
If you like puzzles, this is the place for you!
Harcourt Reading and Math Activities
Great activities that coincide with what your child is learning in school.
Help with english
This is a great site to help students and parents with english activities.
Kid Clipart
Kids National Geographic
National Geographic for kids- lots of animals, history, archeology, photos, videos, facts, and games! E-mail a post card to your teacher or someone you love!
Learn your multiplication facts by making flashcards and playing games.
Teacher and Parent site
This site has many things to offer teachers and parents. There are activities and educational articles.
Time for Kids
Learn about current events, search for information, and play games!
If you register with you can help your child save for college.
Wonderful Reading!
Children love this website. It is interactive with great stories. The children can listen to vowel songs too.