Friday, December 15, 2017

Links For Students

Alien Scavenger Hunt
Catch the bugs to make the word.
Ask Jeeves For Kids
Kids can type in their request for information in the form of a question.
Discovery School
A great resource for science and nature information.
Fact Monster
Useful information in a kid-friendly web site
Homework Spot
Homework help divided by grade and subject level
Live Homework Help
Follow this link for live help with your homework questions.
Math Goodies
Help with math problems, extra math practice
Phonemic Awareness
Phonics and phonemic activities to work on at home
The wonderful world of Dr. Seuss, featuring stories, activites, and games
A great place to practice phonics skills and read short stories
Stories from the web
Write your own stories, poems, or book reviews with story starters
Words and Pictures
Games and activities to help with phonics understanding
A kid-friendly search engine