These sites are educational and fun. They are for parents, children, and any other interested visitors. I would especially like my students to visit the Harcourt Reading and Harcourt Math several times a week. Just click on a link below and you will go directly to that site. Have fun!

This site has games, games, and more games to help you with Math and Reading.
Harcourt Math
Children can go directly to the Math Program we are using in the classroom. There are activities for each chapter in our book. This is a great way to review and practice skills.
Harcourt Reading
Boys and girls, click on this site and look for stories we've already read, and the story we are reading right now!
Harcourt Social Studies
Learn about the world around you.
Helping Your Child Learn to Read
This site has 10 valuable activities you can do to help your child with his/her reading.
Magic School Bus
Take a ride on the Magic School Bus with Mrs. Frizzle.
Math and Phonics Games
Fun activities.
National Zoo in Washington D.C.
Lots to explore at this zoo. It also has live video cams to view some animals, including the giant pandas.
San Diego Zoo
Visit the San Diego Zoo. There is a lot of information about animals and their habitats. Be sure to view the videos and also the live cams, where you can watch live pictures of giant pandas, polar bears, elephants, and apes. Remember the time zone difference when viewing the live cams.
Starfall has many activities for beginning readers. There are also short books to read.
Time for Kids
Go here to read about current events and play some games.