Friday, December 2, 2016

The websites below will help you do research in a variety of areas. Click on the underlined title to access the information. If you find sites that you think would be helpful to other students or parents, please submit the URL using the "Contact Us" form.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Written by a 16 year old student, this site has over 700 links to sites that will help you with your homework.
Eliana's Homework Helpers and ESL
Eliana's Homework Helpers and English as a second language is mainly divided into two sections, one is a directory type where you can find links to interesting places for your homework assignments and research papers on all school subjects.The other section is where we have our original content Eli's ESL Corner is for ESL students where you can test and practice your English skills with our fun interactive grammar quizzes, we have grammar explanations, reading comprehension worksheets.
Homework Helper
This research directory is provided as an aid to students in grades 6-12. Divided into 16 subject catergories, this site includes links to websites that provide a wealth of helpful information.
Noodle Tools
This site is designed to aid students and teachers with online research. Noodle Tools will help find just the right search engine to meet your needs and will assist in writing citations correctly.
Search a database for answers/information on all your academic subjects, e-mail a librarian for answers to your reference questions or read a tutorial about finding information on the internet.
The Kids on the Web: Homework Tools
A page full of useful homework tools. Links to online encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference tools. The site also has links to other homewwwork help websites.