Friday, December 2, 2016

Why Read Aloud? Reading aloud to children helps them develop and improve literacy skills -- reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Children listen on a higher level than they read, therefore, listening to other readers stimulates growth and understanding of vocabulary and language patterns. Jim Trelease in his book The Read Aloud Handbook says, "Reading aloud in school is not a frill. Go out of your way to make each book a special experience for your students. Allow them to live literature, to become so involved in a story that they become a part of it. It could change their lives." The links below will take you to various websites where stories will be read aloud for you to enjoy.

Storybooks and audio animated stories you can read or be read to on the web.
Clifford Interactive Stories
Read four adventures of everyone’s favorite big red dog, Clifford, and his friend Emily. You can even pick from choices what will happen!
Kiz Club
Stories to read in three levels. Most have audio capabilities.
Read Along Stories and Songs
This site is provided by Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), the nation's oldest and largest nonprofit children's literacy organization. Several stories and songs are in Spanish.
Storyline Online
This site is supported by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and features videos of famous actors reading selected stories. Each book includes activities that check comprehension of the story.
Talking Tall Tales
Eight animated stories told by Johnny Chinook, an Alberta cowboy from the Old West!
The Amazing Adventure Series
Read about or listen to "June the Prune" and "Blossom's Tale". Afterwards, do some fun activities based on the stories.