Saturday, November 18, 2017
Do you want to improve your vocabulary or your math skills? Try playing a game. Below you will find links to several sites that offer online word or math games. You can have loads of fun while improving your education.

Have fun with this word game. How many words can you type using the letters in the grid? Follow the directions carefully - letters have to be adjacent to one another to be valid. You must type in your words and this may slow you down. Try the Quick game first.
Eight Letters in Search of a Word
Given just eight letters, how many words can you make?
Mummy Hunt
Can you identify compound words? Play this game (in levels up to grade 8) and see how many compound words you can make.
Online Sudoku
Sudoku on line with two levels to play.
Plural Girls
How well do you spell? Check your skills in making a word plural by playing this game. There are two levels.
Poetry Splatter
Writing poems has never been so much fun! Are you ready to get messy and SPLAT your own poem? Select the correct age group click on a poem you'd like to write and SPLAT!
Reading comprehension practice in a fun way. In one activity, try to solve the mystery of the stolen celebrity jewels.
Sink It and Solve It!
Play a game of basketball while trying to solve a mystery word. Can you do it?
Super Sorter
Not quite sure what you should read? Let the Super Sorter robot select some books for you. Simply answer a few questions and see what the robot suggests for your reading pleasure.
You know this game. Now play it using your math skills.
Pick a monster and select the correct grade level and see how many words you can make. WIll you beat the computer???