Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Mr. Anker Tests
Interactive Math and L.A. activities.
CT SDE Smarter Balanced

 Transitioning to the Smarter Balanced Assessment

CMT MIST and MAS Practice Tests
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2006
Interactive activity with samples of students writing with an examination of the six-point scoring rubric for each grade level.
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2007
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2008
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2009
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2010
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2011
CMT Holistic Scoring Workshop 2012
CT SDE CMT Resources
Information, assessment data, resources for educators, parents, district test coordinator, etc.
CT SDE CMT Resources for Parents
CT SDE CMT/CAPT Skills Checklist
CT SDE CMT/CAPT Assessment Guidelines 2012-2013
CT SDE CMT/CAPT Assessment Guidelines for ELL 2011-2012
Assessment Guidelines for Students Identified as English Language Learners (ELL)
CT SDE CMT/CAPT Exemption Guidelines for ELL
Connecticut’s ELL Exemption Guidelines for CMT/CAPT
CT SDE CMT Handbook: Language Arts
CT SDE CMT Handbook: Mathematics
CT SDE CMT Direct Assessment of Writing Prompts/Scoring Materials
CT SDE Mathematics
CT SDE Student Assessment
CT SDE Test Accommodations
CT SDE Test Accommodations Memo
2012 new CMT and CAPT Test Accommodation forms, CMT & CAPT Accommodation Quick Guide, 2012 CMT/CAPT Accommodations Provided by the MIST Application.