Saturday, November 18, 2017
Reading/Language Arts Links

Cando's Reading Page
From a former teacher of reading.
Inference Battleship
Play Battleship and practice making guesses about stories.
Main Idea Game
Remember, the main idea is the "BIG IDEA"
PBS Kids
PBS Kids has links to lots of learning games. Be sure to check out Super Why! and WordGirl, Sid the Science Kid, Curious George and other great characters. Good for third grade and younger students!
This site is useful to follow along and read. Third graders - be sure to choose level 4.
Sylvan Book Adventure
Program through Sylvan Learing to motivate reading! You can win prizes!
Writing Games
Choose writing games. No arcade games at school.
Harcourt - Our Reading Book
Activities from our reading book
Inference Game
Practice making inferences (guesses) about what you read.
Main Idea Game
Practice finding the main idea.
Spelling City
Type Theresa Welch to find our spelling words. Check Grade 3 Gazette for what this week's list is.
Spelling Game
Start with easy