Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Below you will find a collection of useful websites for you and your child...

Just for FUN!!! (3)

Here are some websites to visit just for fun...

Search Engines (14)
Excellent Search Engines

Renzulli Learning
Please visit and enjoy all the wonderful, educational sites chosen especially for your child's specific likes and dislikes.
Bridgeport Mathematics Department Web Site
This web site was created by the Bridgeport Mathematics Department to help our students excel in Mathematics.Students can also access Ms. Bagwell's problem of the week from this site.
Mr. Mayorga's Web site

Connect to Mr. Mayorga's web site and access all the assignments and study guides needed for each grade level!

State of Connecticut Website to Improve Mathematics Instruction
This math site created by the state of Connecticut contains sample activities, objectives, and assessments on-line.
Cool Math for Kids
Fun Math site for kids
CTAspira - Colorin colorado
Para ayudar a los niños a leer y a triunfar.
Excellent Mathematics Website
This website contains many different math activities which will help your children improve in mathematics.

  On this site you will find activities which support our new reading series for grades k -8.
This site contains a variety of images the children can use in reports and projects.