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  Posted on 06/10/2008 by Ashley Reply to this Message[Reply to this message] 
Hey Beardsley! It's been a while! I miss this school so much! Matter of fact I miss Connecticut! I don't know if you guys have heard but I moved to Florida! You may not remember me but if Mr. Hector is still there after school, he would probably remember me! I am the older sister of Camille Jose. I went to Beardsley for 3,4,5,and 6th grade! The best years ever! Mrs. Giff!! Camille and I miss you very much! Check the files to remember us! Now I am in the 8th grade moving on to High School in the fall! Camille is moving from elementary to Middle school! Here in Florida, middle school begins in the 6th grade, not 7th unlike over there! I miss you guys so much! Especially Cristine! Hope she's still there and you guys read this early enough! You can email me at- Hope to hear from you soon! Hugs and kisses to Nurse Kim! I don't know how much has changed since I left! I just hope everyone is still there! Bye! :]
Re: School Posted on 04/30/2014 by leeana
i am a student that is in Beardsley school in the sixth grade mr.hector is still there and mr.giff and they are very good people to the children and i hope you have a good education

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