Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

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Message from Mr. Spiegelhalter :

Parents, please be aware that early dismissals should only be requested as an emergency or as a last resort. Doctor appointments should be scheduled after school time. Early dismissals take time away from important class time. Often it is participatory work that cannot be made-up. We wish to maximize every studentsí learning time.

Summer school registration time is near. Any magnet student who has failed two classes will be deselected if they do not attend summer school. Applications are available in the counselorís office. Teachers will be informing students who are most likely failing the class before June 17th. Each 10 point summer school class is $200. Registration takes place on June 17th and 18th from 2pm to 5pm. Summer school begins on Monday, June 28th.

Informational letters on magnet policies and procedures will be mailed separately from the Central High School mailing sometime in July. Magnet Deselection Policy, Homework & Study Policy, Plagiarism Policy and Course Requirements Policy will be sent.

To parent of 8th graders who were accepted to Central Magnet for 2004-2005: if your child will not be attending Central Magnet in the fall, please call the office 203-576-7763) and let us know.

I hope that everyone has a delightful, fun, and safe summer. Read a good book.

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