Friday, September 4, 2015

Welcome to Longfellow School

Longfellows' teachers, students, and parents continue to be committed to the No Child Left Behind mandate of all students reaching proficiency by the year 2014. We have not reached the No Child Left Behind mandate. However, Longfellow has made excellent progress over the past six years. This progress can be documented in student attendance, behavior, and academics. Longfellow attendance by students ranks in the 95th percentile. Student violence is a thing of the past. Comments such as, "Is the school a safe school?" is now a conversation of the past. Academically, the school reached safe harbor on the Connecticut Mastery Test for school year 2009-2010. No single entity can take credit for all of the gains of Longfellow School. We have been a Compact School for the past three plus years. Compact is our school initiative. It is a partnership between the Board of Education, Bridgeport teachers, and the School of Education of the University of Connecticut. With shared ideas from these groups, Longfellow has made progress in obtaining assistance from the community. Leaders from the community are providing needed resources for the school during the budget crunch from the district. As student achievement has increased, so has positive parent involvement in the school.
Mr. James F. Adams, Principal