Friday, October 20, 2017

Surefire Ways To Tell If You Are From Bridgeport

1. "Iranistan" has only three syllables, and none of them contain an "i."
2. No matter what store they put on the corner of North and Park, it will always be called King Cole.
3. The Duchess at the nexus of North and Boston will forever be Maraczi's. Tomlinson is also The Greek's.
4. The mall in Trumbull is better known as Korvette's.
5. You're used to hearing people pronounce "Shelton" without a semblance of a "t."
6. Anywhere north of Trumbull is called "up the line."
7. You had a bike from Rocky Voccola's.
8. You actually shopped downtown, especially at Christmas.
9. You're used to asking people what parish they are from.
10. You have no problem going to urban places like Yankee Stadium.
11. You couldn't tell the Candelite from the Pix.
12. You attended cartoon-laden matinees at the Hi-Way, Merritt or Beverly.
13. You are fully aware of, and don't have a problem with Greek pizza.
14. On the same topic, terms like "ahbeets," "mani-goat" and "scamotes" need no translation.
15. When you mention Central High School, there is no need to throw in the city's name as a qualifier.
16. The paper is still the Bridgeport Post.
17. Notre Dame H. S. and SHU are still in Bridgeport.
18. You know NOT to tell the guy at the Canteen "what's on that dog" until he has it in the cradle.
19. You ate Pizza from Mario the Bakers if you were in the North End and Jennys on the West side
20. Seaside Park is still the only beach in the area with no homes built on it and a dump behind it - never stopped any of us from going there - day or night.
21. You went Ice Skating on Sunday afternoons at Wonderland of Ice.
22. You went sled riding at Fairchild Wheeler or Beardsley Park depending upon who was driving, parents Beardsley Park - friends Fairchild Wheeler
23. Connoisseurs of hot dogs: Dog's were always eaten at Homas next to Remington at the Point.
24. The Midway was the social event of the summer.
25. It was and always will be the Barnum & Bailey Circus at Seaside.
26. St. V's needed no explanation to define what it was (i.e He's at St. V's...) .
27. Various areas of town if not defined by parish were called the Hollow, the NorthEnd, Southside, Eastside.
28. Who didn't shop at Skydels? Or Nydens?
29. Who hasn't had at least one meal at DrumStik Barbecue or Galaxy Diner?
30. The parking lot across from McD's on Main St was the "lot" (Mr & Mrs. Pool Hall)
31. The end of Seaside was the "Point"
32. If you were from the East Side you ate pizza at Valley Farms.
33. The Harding/Central game was the only Thanksgiving game that mattered.
34. You walked to Grants on Boston Ave. or Shoppers Fair at the other end.

35. You knew that if there were "chop sides" you didn't want to be on the weaker team.
36. You remember the groceries going underground at King Cole.
37. You knew the Pacelli's had the best jelly donuts in the world.
38. McDonalds on State Street will always be Junior's.
39. At least once, everyone went to Seaside to see Howe!
40. Everyone knew where the real Morrows "NUT HOUSE" was, Main and Fairfield.
41. Everyone always knew there was a difference between the East Side and the East End.
42. Number 13 could always take you home unless it was truly late, then you'd have to take 2 and walk fast!

This list started when Ace Holleran wrote the first 15 or so "facts" and emailed them to one friend in an experiment to see how far the chain would go. She passed it along to her list. It's traveled all over the world.