Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Putting Your Picture in a Postcard with PhotoShop

  1. Open your picture in PhotoShop
  2. Put a box around your picture
  3. Menu Edit ->Copy
  4. Menu File->New- Click Transparent ->OK
  5. Menu File ->Edit->Paste
  6. Erase the background around your picture
    • You can use the magic eraser if the background is solid
    • or you can blow up the picture with the magnifying glass and erase with the eraser
  7. Save your picture once you get it the way you want it as a .gif
  8. Menu - Delect All
  9. Menu Edit - > Copy
  10. Open Postcard picture
  11. Menu Edit - > Paste
  12. Move your picture where you want it then clean it up
  13. Save your new postcard picture