Interdistrict Discovery Magnet School


Dear Parents,                                                                                     

August, 2016


Welcome back to the 2016-17 school year as we continue our journey as an exemplary STEM school here at Discovery! I hope you had a restful summer as we start another exceptional school year!


Academic rigor as well as social and emotional aspect continues to be our number one priority to ensure that students are ready for the global world. However, to accomplish this at our end, I want to focus our attention on policies including behavior expectations. We have established numerous policies both at school and district level to create routines and procedures that helps us to provide the best education for all children. You will be receiving the policy packet at the beginning of the school year. Some of the policies that are included in the packet are: uniform policy, transportation policy, electronic device and phone policy, attendance policy and behavior policy. I need your support in implementing these policies to their full extent to lead our school to the highest level of excellence! I encourage you to take some time to discuss the content of the packet with your child(ren). 


I want to bring your attention to behavior policy that has been established for our school. As a school of choice, it is imperative that students understand the seriousness of their actions each and every day. Academics and behavior go hand in hand! One can't achieve excellence while behaving poorly. In addition to establishing classroom expectations, behavior will be strictly monitored for bus conduct, recess, lunch time and during all school sponsored events and field trips. Students who continue to break the rules will lose privilege to participate in certain field trips and school sponsored events and in some instances will be deselected.


I am excited to share new staff members for the 2016-17 school year. Joining our Discovery team this year are Mrs. Nicole Rodriguez, Pre K 3 teacher and Dr. de Almeida who will be teaching Portuguese.  New to their position are Mrs. Goodrich, Grade 4: Math and Science Teacher, Mrs. Monteiro, Kindergarten Teacher, and Mrs. Gill, Grade 5 & 6: Language Arts Teacher. I believe that we have solidified various positions through these changes to further enhance the quality of education. Our dedicated staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide instruction to meet the needs of ALL our students.


Communication is key in building a strong home-school connection. I hope that our partnership continues with my, "Open Door Policy". To provide parents with on-time and current information, we'll continue to utilize phone blasts, email blasts, monthly newsletter, and monthly activity calendar. I encourage you to check our website for the most updated information on a regular basis. You can also follow us on Facebook! For planning purposes I have included the Aug/Sept. activity calendar. 


Discovery is a unique place where parent partnership is tremendous! I encourage you to participate in various activities and programs that we have established for you here at Discovery and take an active role in your child's education. We are looking for new members for both our PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) and SGC (School Governance Council) team. Please inquire with our home school coordinator for more information and how to stay connected.  


With committed and supportive parents, dedicated staff, and hard-working students, everything is in place for this year to be the best! We look forward to the 2016-2017 school year with excitement, confidence, and very high expectations for students and staff alike. I wish every member of the IDMS family a year filled with happiness and a positive educational experience. The Interdistrict Discovery Magnet School staff appreciates your continuous support and look forward to a successful year ahead!


With appreciation,

Sangeeta Bella  - Principal