Saturday, December 16, 2017

Waltersville School Performing Arts Programs

Waltersville School is very fortunate to offer a variety of programs for students. The programs are possible due to many different people and organizations.

Below is what Waltersville School has to offer:

Strings/Violin/Cello Program:This program serves 100 students K-8. It is funded through the Music and Arts Center for Humanities, via the John Mayer Foundation and United Way, and also through Priority Grant funds and the Bridgeport Board of Education Department of Performing Arts. The instruments were purchased with funding from our Priority Grant. This program is taught by Miriam Gionnoni, violin, and Catherine Ashman-Arrango.

Ballet: The Priority Grant pays for ballet instruction for students in grades K-4. The ballet instructor is Ms. Rebecca Cline. The after school dance program for Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll runs with the help of several high school student volunteers, all of whom are former students of Waltersville School.  Dance equipment and costumes for the program were donated by Westport’s Academy of Dance through the efforts of its former owner, Mary Ellen Marpe and the current owner, Nancy Zindell continues to donate tickets to the Nutcracker for interested students and parents. We would also like to acknowledge Dance Donations who have previously donated costumes for our students. Our new building which opened in 2008, boasts a completely outfitted dance studio with mirrors and bars.  Students from various area dance schools collect and donate costumes for our performances.

Band:Band instruction is for students in grades 5 -8.  Mr. Michael Roche is the teacher.  He combines the bands from Waltersville and Barnum for a more complete sound in our shows. Many of the instruments for this program were donated through the efforts of two Staple’s High School students, Austin Seigert and Nick Di Bernadino, who formed the Back in Tune Project. The instruments were repaired and refurbished free of charge by the Westport Music Center and through grants from United Way and Horns for Kids.

General Music: Mrs. Liesl Purviance is the general music teacher and works with students grades Pre-k through 8.  Her programs include note reading, musical games and a large chorus for grades 5-8.  African-Caribbean Drums  instruction is offered seasonally during the After School Program for 30 students in grades 4-6. The instructor is paid through MACH and drums were purchased by the Priority Grant

Waltersville School would like to thank the parents and community members who have made the Performing Arts Program available to our students. THANKS!