In the Art Room the rules are designed to create and keep a respectful working environment for everyone in the room.


In Bridgeport, all students recieve a grade in Art. This grade is factored into their overall average, and will impact recieving Honors.

The Bridgeport Art Curriculium incorporates Connecticut Visual Art Standards (there are no Art standards in the Common Core) along with elements of Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE). DBAE incoporates Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism and Aesthetics to provide students with a well rounded art education.  

In my room each project is graded on a point scale of 1-10. If the student follows all directions and does their best work a score of 10 is awarded. Points are deducted depending on a student not following directions, poor quality of work, etc.

Each Art Class is 35 minutes long. Some classes may have Art twice a week, some have it once. Due to the fact that the time I see the students is so brief, their time in my room is especially valuable.

I feel strongly that Art education is essential for every child. I am thrilled to work in a school community where this belief is shared.