Grading Policy

I do not grade every assignment that your child completes.  We correct homework and many in-class assignments together as a whole class or within a small group. I have explained the procedure for correcting assignments in class to the students and they are aware of the honesty policy.  If they choose not to be honest, they will lose the privilege of self-correcting and I will collect that particular child’s work and correct it myself each day.  The students are to only utilize a colored writing utensil for correcting and are not allowed to change answers – only mark them correct/incorrect.  It is important that they learn from their mistakes, not to hide them.  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to let me know.


Grading System

It is a district policy to send progress reports half way through the marking period for any child who currently has below a C average. I will adhere to the district policy, however parents are encouraged to check their student’s progress using Power School.  I will do my best to record students’ tests, quizzes, assignments and projects results as soon as possible.  Please know some assignments are more tedious to grade than others and may require more time for me.

Grading Scale


A+ 100 - 97% C+ 79 – 77%

 A96 – 93%C 76 – 73%

A-92 - 90%C+ 72 – 70%

B+89 – 87% D+ 69 – 67%

B86 – 83% D 66 – 65%

 B-82 – 80% U  65 or less


                  Math Grade 



Homework  10%  



Class Part.  10%      

Quiz          20%

Projects    25%

Exams       35%                



Please know that grades can increase or decrease by 5% depending on class work and participation