4th Grade Procedures


Our system ofdiscipline is simple.  We work hardto make the classroom a positive and safe place for all. 


1.Be respectful of others, yourself, and the school

2.Follow directions the first time they are given

3.Come to class with class supplies and homework

4.Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak

5.Complete all assignments


1. Verbal Praise

2.  “Caught Being Good” ticket 

3.  Special Privileges

4.  Note home

5.  Marbles in jar for whole class behavior

“Caught Being Good” ticketswill be given for things, such as demonstrating appropriate behavior or usingmanners and showing respect.  Theywill be used as raffle tickets for special prizes at the end of the week.  The more tickets the student receive,the better their chances are of winning a prize!  Raffles will be held every Friday. 


Marbles will be put in a jar for working as a team with your classmates.For example, if the class receives a compliment from another teacher forwalking nicely in the hallway, I will put some marbles in the jar.  When we fill the jar the class willearn game time, a movie, or extra recess.


Strikes are giving to students who are notfollowing our class rules.  Thestrikes are maintained using a clipboard that follows the students to specialsand a chart at the front of the room. Strikes are numbered from one to five. The consequence for the number ofstrikes is represented below. Students will record their number in their planner each night, if astudent did not receive a strike then they will place a smiley face in theirplanner. 


Please check and sign theplanner each night!




1. Reminder

2. Verbal Warning

3.5 Minutes off recess

4. 10 Minutes off recess

5.Lunch detention

SevereDisruption: Student will be referred to office.




      1. Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion (norunning, pushing, or shouting).

      2.   If you are late, please go to the office to geta tardy slip.

      3.   All belongings are to be placed in your lockeror desk until the end of the day.

      4.   Go directly to your desk and quietly unload yourbelongings.

      5.   Place all homework in the left hand corner ofyour desk.

      6.  Begin morning work quietly, which willbe written on the board. 


      LISTENING: When I am giving directions, teaching a lesson, or answering studentquestions, your attention must be on me - hands empty, facing forward, andquiet.

      Lunch:  In the cafeteria you will sit at the table inyour assigned space. You must follow all cafeteria rules. 

      Morning Break: 

      • Students will use the restroom and get a drink of water.

      Lining up:

      • When your table group is called, please push your chair under your desk quietly, and walk to the front of the room to get in line.
      • Walk quietly in the hallway without touching anyone or anything on the walls.

      Leaving the room:

      · You will only be allowed to leave to use therestroom during your "independent work" time, not during my"teaching" time or small group work (unless it is an emergency). DONOT INTERRUPT a lesson to ask to use the restroom.

      · When you need to leave to use the restroom youneed to sign out.  Always take therestroom pass.

      · When you return to the room, return the pass andnote the time you returned on the clipboard.


      End of Day

      • Before you leave for the day, make sure your desk and floor area are clean and free of trash.
      • Wait until you are called to line up for dismissal.  Please remain in line quietly and wait for me to dismiss you.



      • If you are absent, your missed work will be in desk when you return. If you do not understand an assignment, it is YOUR responsibility to ask.
      • You are responsible for doing current assignments as well as making up the assignments you missed.