Thursday, November 23, 2017

Welcome to the Pride


Updated Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Welcome to the spring edition of the pride academy newsletter.

Its been a long cold winter but we at Pride academy have survived and persevered. Our  students have been busy taking the standard tests in both math and English. Students have been successful in meeting the benchmark district expectations.

We would like to give shout outs  to Mr. Newcome. Recently he has shown The Thing and District Nine. Students are learning the art of film critic within the context of the English curriculum. Mr Genova has begun exploring the Nat Turner case and its implication in history. Students are making posters concerning the case. Mr. Neagle has implemented Lexia English and Symphony math in the computer lab. This will help students improve literacy in both subject areas. MS. Bookbinder has students actively engaged in science experiments involving heredity.

Last quarter, Mr. Purvis’s math class worked hard on three initiatives: using new ChromeBooks to run the math instructional program MobyMax, computational skills like multiplication facts, and the ability to play a game of chess using a chess clock.  In this final marking period, students will be completing a short course in pre-algebra and algebra, and everyone is encouraged to continue MobyMax for homework and to use Khan Academy to explore advanced topics.

Most of all we would like to congratulate Pride Academy  English teacher Sean Astle  for his efforts to not only coach but to raise funds for the Harding H.S. track team. We at Pride Academy are proud to have Mr. Astle as a faculty member.

As of the last our  news letter Pride Academy has instituted an afternoon program for those students who have not met the  expectations of their sending schools. The afternoon program has been successful, students are coming to school on time and attending classes.

Finally we like to remind all students and parents of the May calendar. The Memorial Day weekend begins on Friday May 23 and continues through Monday May26.

Please check in again in early June for our end of the year newsletter.

- Mr. G and Mr. G


Welcome to first edition of the Pride Academy newsletter.

First of all we would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our students and their families.

All of us here are looking forward to continuing success in the new year.

Recently our students participated in a school wide science fair. The science fair took place under the direction of our two science teachers, Ms. Bookbinder and Ms. Moss. They did a great job and the science fair was a huge success.

Congratulations are in order for the following prize winners:

Middle school: Tion Hampton, Trey Blank and Tony Fields

High school prize winners were : Carlos Torres,  Miguel Ocasio, Tiffany Lopez and Na’aja Williams.


On another note our students participated in the district wide bench mark assessment testing. Test scores have increased significantly from the first round of testing. Shout outs to all of ours students and teachers. Special shout out to Ms. Lafontant and other teachers  for proctoring the test.


On a sad note the first director of Pride Academy, Mr. Randall Conway has taken a medical leave of absence. Mr.Conway is in our prayers and we wish him a healthy and speedy recovery.


Stay tuned for the spring time edition of the Pride Academy newsletter coming in April.