Soaring to New Heights

Welcome to our Soaring to New Heights Math Club.  Our club meets after school on Tuesday afternoons to do fun activites and make students even better in math.  This year, we are going to continue creating a "Problem of the Month" for grade levels K-6 to solve. It will be located in the lobby, so be sure to check it out and give it a try! The winners will get a prize! We will be working on several different projects throughout the year. Soaring to New Heights will also be integrating technology into our sessions through use of Study Island. 

This is where we will be posting the newsletter for Soaring To New Heights. We will be talking about math related projects and events. Every month or so we will be posting The Problem Of the Month. The following week or so we will be updating it with the answer.


The "Soaring to New Heights" Math Club