Wed, December 7, 2016

School Governance Council

School Governance Council (councils) provide a remarkable opportunity for Connecticut schools to engage with families and community members in the essential dialogue about student achievement and preparing all students for success.
Administrative Interviews' scheduled for 
When: April 1, Friday, 2016
Time: 3:30 - 8:00 p.m. 
AT: Rm#305, City Hall

Goals for 2015 – 2016
1. Improve student class attendance.
2. Develop and nourish School-Community Compact for Bassick High School.
3. Work with all stakeholders – students, parents and community to improve school facility.


Agendas & Minutes 


School Governance Councils were created by the state’s recent education reform law (Public Act 10-111) to enable parents, school staff, students (where appropriate) and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement in the state’s lowest performing schools. School Governance Councils serve in an advisory capacity and are charged with assisting the school administration in making programmatic and operational changes to improve the school’s achievement.