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2Make a Difference at Your School!School Governance Councils


The rewards of serving on a School Governance Council can be great. Council members bring their unique experiences and beliefs to the table. The work that they do can influence the lives of children, even after they no longer serve on the council.


What is a School Governance Council?

School Governance Councils are an opportunity for Connecticut schools to become centers of excellence that prepare all students for success. They represent the many interests of the families and staff that make up your school's community. This is important because research has shown that:


  • Partnerships among families, school and community members can make a powerful contribution to greater student success.
  • No matter what their income or background, students with involved families tend to have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and higher rates of homework completion.


What does the School Governance Council Do?

The School Governance Council serves as an important role to the school administrator by:


  1. Bringing together parents, school staff, students and community leaders to work together to  improve student achievement and


  1. Assisting the school administration in decisions impacting students' education in areas such as:
    • Analyze  data  and school needs;
    • Review the school's  resources;  and
    • Advise the principal in making  programmatic and operational  changes.


What does it require to be on the School Governance Council?

Serving as a council member will require time, energy and a willingness to listen. Members should:

  • Put children first;
  • Be a team player; and
  • Be willing to learn.
Below you will find some links with more information about the School Governance Council:

MCM School Governance Council

 2017-2018 Meeting Dates

(Mondays from 3:15-5:00 in the Library)


SGC  2017-2018 Meetings

September 11

October 2nd

November 6

December 4

January 8

February 1 

March 5

April 2

May 7

June 4

Agendas and Minutes from the School Governance Council Meetings

can be found below...


School Governance Council


 Multicultural Magnet School

Elected Staff Members:  

1. Sue Heilweil 

2. Eveyln Alicea  

3. Kristen Clark        



Elected Parents: 

1. Elizabeth Perez  

2. Bahieh Jabboury-Goda

3. Sylvia Roszkowski



Community Members (if already appointed/decided upon by the council)

1. Pete Martinez (Peoples Bank)



School Governance Council Election Timeline 2017-2018

Nominations (Nomination Period)- Oct 5th-16th

Campaigning & Elections-October 19th-23rd 

Last Date to hold elections- October 23rd 

Announce Membership- October 30th