Interdistrict Discovery Magnet School


Our  administrators, support staff, and teachers are committed to using any and all means necessary to assist each and every one of our students in obtaining their full reading potential.  Currently, daily reading instruction for grades K-3 consists of interactive Read-Alouds, shared and independent reading, as well as, Guided Reading.  In grades 4 to 8, reading instruction focuses on literature analysis and response and word study through literature circles. Support is provided through small group instruction to any student who fails to meet benchmarks on state approved tests, such as the DRA.  In addition, our staff is using an approach called Scientific Research-Based Intervention (SRBI) to aid our children.  The goal of SRBI is to provide supports that  individually address the needs of students, so that all of our students are reading on grade level.  This proactive approach gets students the additional help that they need at the earliest detection of a problem.  SRBI is a data driven approach which monitors the progress of every student in the school.  Those students not attaining benchmark levels receive additional interventions to help them achieve their grade level reading goals.  In addition, these students may be given more specific assessments to pinpoint their areas of need.  This will enable us to individualize each student’s intervention program.  The student’s progress will be monitored and interventions will be modified as needed.  Parents of students receiving additional intervention may request updates on their child’s progress by contacting the principal or school psychologist.


Benefits of SRBI:

· It uses a systematic approach for providing student interventions.

· Identifies struggling students BEFORE they fall behind.

· Provides struggling students with additional support throughout the educational process.

· Provides high quality instruction and interventions matched to student need.