Monday, February 5th, 2007
Central Magnet High School
One Lincoln Boulevard. Bridgeport CT 06606

Magnet Supervisor: Ron Spiegelhalter (203) 576-7953
Secretary: Lisa Salgado (203) 576-7763
Fax:   (203) 576-7953
Guidance: George Moran (203) 576-7392
  Stephen Campos (203) 576-8251
  Wayne Brown (203) 576-8070

Magnet Requirements

Central High School Magnet Component would like to keep parents and students informed concerning the requirements and obligations mandatory to remain at our college preparatory school. Successful academic performance, good attendance, and acceptable behavior are major priorities for students to be able to learn and become productive citizens. Therefore, it is extremely important that we all work cooperatively to ensure that all students get the best education available. Course requirements are listed below so that it is readily understood what courses are to be successfully completed.

Ninth and tenth grade students are required to enroll in seven courses, which include five academic courses. A minimum of 60 points must be carried in both the 11th and 12th grades. To be eligible for graduation all students must earn at least 225. It is required that every students will be enrolled in five academic core classes per school year that include english, Math, Science, Social Studies and a Language.

English 4 Years
Math(Algebra & Geometry required) 4 Years
Science (Biology required) 4 Years
Social Studies (Civics and U.S. History required) 4 Years
World Languages 3-4 Years
Physical Ed/Health 1 Year
Gym 10 1 Year
Computer Literacy 1 Year
(Keyboarding, Computer Programming, Computer Drafting)

If a student fails two core classes at the end of the school year then he/she must attend summer school and successfully complete one failed course. If a student does not attend summer school for failed course then that student will be deselected (removed and must attend their district school). If a student fails three or more core classes at the end of the school year then that student is deselected and must attend their district.