Wednesday, March 26th, 2003  Band Jacqueline 

Eat, Sleep, Practice........BAND!!!!!


From August to November with a practice schedule that consists of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the Central High School Marching band can be seen practicing on the back parking lot whether it was 95 degrees or below zero outside.  These students are dedicated to the marching band and work as a family to be the best that they possibly can.  The whole season, the band has competed at many different schools and has taken first place at every single one.  However, this whole season leads up to one final judgement  day, November 9th, 2002.  The Musical Arts Conference held the band Championships at Central's very own Kennedy Stadium.  For seniors, it will be the last time they will compete in a high school circuit, but for the underclassmen, it will be a year of opportunities.

That day the adrenaline starts to pump as the marching band praticed all morning outside with their drill instructor, Mr. Findley, to clean up any drill problems that were left.  After lunch, these students dress in full uniform for their last performance in front of an estimated 13,000 viewers.  At the warm up areas, the band director, Mr. DeGroate tuned the band as the drum majors, Victoria R., George P., and Jacqueline T., warmed up the band.  The colorguard instructors, Mr. Lane, took the drumline to the side to put on the final touches. Time is up as we are moved to the silent areas, in which the band cannot play.  At this time, the band gathers together for any last words, thoughts, or prayers.

The gate opens, and the time comes to glorify themselves.  The tap of the drums starts as we step off together and take the field for competition.  As the sun shone in the stadium, the drum majors took their positions as well as the spots, performing visuals, spinning flags, and keeping rhythm, the band proved once and for all that they've got what it take to take it all.  The band's repertoire consisted of: Theme from Sleepy Hollow (Jay Bocook), Prayer of Saint Patrick, and Firebird (Stravinsky) to form the infamous theme of "Flight of the Phoenix..From the ashes we shall rise."

Off the field goes the band, with their chins up in the air and eyes with pride as they represented their city and school with nothing less, taking with them the Class I Mac Championship title.  Along with that title, the marching band has also received awards in the following captions:  Outstanding Music, General Effect, Colorguard, Percussion, Drum Majors, and Visual Effect.  For those who have ever suggested that the inner city isn't capable of such honors, take this as an example that wth passion and dedication you can do anything.  For the Central High School Marching band, it has been a year of struggles, tears, happiness, and becoming a family, but most of all it will be a year to remember.....

-Jacqueline Truong
Drum Major 2002-2003

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