Tuesday, January 14th, 2003  Central's Barnum Essay 

In 1884, P.T. Barnum gave $1000, the income of which should be given to the two members of the Senior Class who wrote the two best English orations.

Year First Prize Second Prize
1886 Verna Spinning Helen Stillman
1887 Mary Turner Alfred Palmer
1888 Kittie Middlebrook Henrietta Wyrtzen
1889 Edith Palmer Rose Walsh
1890 Jennie Tolles Sarah O'Rourke
1891 Nettie Phillips Carrie Turner
1892 Emma Roberts Emilie Fenton
1893 Alexander Wheeler Lillian Friswell
1894 Bertha Scott Robert Gould
1895 Lewis Christie Joseph Pullman
1896 Anna Donovan James Turner
1897 Mary Christie Evelyn Van Stone
1898 Clara Cornell Willard Dean (Equal Rank)
1899 Harold Pinkerman Maud Skidmore
1900 Laura Eales Herbert Eales
1901 Grace Squires Harry Porter
1902 Mary Bragg James Cox
1903 Eva Dickinson Edna Oldham
1904 Francis Sullivan Alice Garvey
1905 Mary Welch Mabel Halsey
1906 Philo Calhoun Ruth Sanford
1907 Virginia Butler Agnes Collins
1908 Charles Rohrback Howard Curtis
1909 John Porter James Meeker
1910 Henry Lee Irwin Annie Laing
1911 Frank Linehan Natalie Rosen
1993 Monique Samuels Sherene Mason
1996 Lisa Gonzalez Vivian Lau
1997 Sylvia Gomes Miriam Lau
1998 Rakia Hicks Dashondra Brown
1999 Nicollette Richards Len Taing
2000 Alrick Edwards Peter Finch
2001 Kristin Lattin Hao Nguyen
2002 Lajuana Milton Adrian Green

We are working to update the list to get recent winners. If you have any information please send it in.


2002 Winner - Lajuana Milton


2002 Runner Up - Adrian Green

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