Monday, February 13th, 2006
Magnet Deselection Policy

The philosophy of the Magnet High School is that school is a place for serious study and civilized behavior; in keeping with that philosophy we expect our students to excel in both academics and conduct.

We want all our students to be successful and we work hard with them and their families to achieve that goal. However, for the good of the entire student body, we deselect students who do not meet our academic or behavioral standards. Deselected students are put out of the Magnet High School and their families must make arrangements for them to attend another high school.

If your child is having problems meeting our expectations, his/her counselor will be in close contact with you before deselection takes place.

Reasons for Deselection

A student who habitually breaks school rules and/or exhibits antisocial behavior may be deselected at any time of the school year.

A student who fails two major subjects for the year and does not make up the classes in summer school is deselected.

A student who fails three majors subjects for the year is deselected, whether or not he/she passes the classes in summer school.

A student who is failing several subjects during the year and seems unwilling or unable to pass may be counseled out of Magnet at any time during the school year and recommended to attend a program or school where he/she will have a better chance to succeed.