Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Principal-  Mrs. Walker- Jones

 Secretary- Mrs. Luz Ocasio, (203) 275-2253

Teaching Staff 

Grade K- Room 101- Jenny Booker

 Grade K- Room 102-Catherine Homich

 Grade 1- Room 107 Theresa Corby

Grade 1- Room 106- TBD

Grade 2- Room 104-Mrs. 

 Grade 2- Room 201 -Dan Veccharelli

 Grade 3- Room 203- Chris Cormier

Grade 3- Room 205- Anne Munoz

Grade 4- Room 206- Ed Sharkey

Grade 4-Room 208 Mr. Dinofrio

Grade 5- Room 202- Rosa Amaro

Grade 5- Room 204- Ms. Ayotte

Grade 6- Room 207- Rebecca Oakes

 Instructional Support- Room 105- Mary Kay Sember

Self-Contained Special Education 1-3- Room B4- Kenneth Gradowski

Mrs. C Brown: Mrs. T Brown

Resource Specialist 4-6-Room 108 Ms. Tricia Clarke

Resource Specialist 1-3 in the "Eagle's Nest"- Mrs. Maribel Green

Psychologist- Mr. Ronald Benner

Guidance Counselor- Amanda Marshall

 Social Worker- TBD

 Speech Therapist- Jessica Lockovitch 

 Nurse- TBD

Resource Paras- Gina Cavoto 

Specialists- Library: Mrs. Gardener

Art- Mrs. Anne McCarthy 

 Music- TBD

P.E. - Jaclyn Forero

Writing: K-6 Mrs: L. Andrews

Instructional Aides Cheryl Amaro-K

Intern- Alissa Kneeland

Security- Terry Blackwell

Custodians Mr. Fred Cousins and Mr. Bill Husbands

Cafeteria- Jane Eggert

Home School Coordinator- Fern Holloway