Thursday, November 23, 2017





Dear Parent(s),


  Welcome to sixth grade!  I am excited to have your child in my class this year. Please make sure your child has the following supplies: 

1.   Book covers (4)

2.   three or more note books

3.   pencils and blue or black pens

4.   Plastic pencil sharpener

5.   three or more folders


  Sixth grade can sometimes be a difficult transition for you child, because we will cover a lot of material!  Reading is a crucial part of your child’s homework.  Therefore reading homework will be given every night and on weekends. If it is necessary to do so, I may also give reading comprehension homework during your child’s school vacation. Your child will also be required to submit a monthly book report. (Dates to be announced) Research has proven the more a child reads the more proficient he/she becomes. 

  Math is also crucial to passing sixth grade.  Please make sure your child studies and knows his/her multiplication facts.  If he/she has not mastered their basic math facts, it will be difficult to understand and grasp more advanced mathematical concepts.


  In addition, your child will submit Science and Social Studies projects which will be announced as the school year progresses.


  On a final note, my classroom is open at all times.  Please feel free to visit.  If you have concerns about your child’s academics and or behavior, please call the school and I will be glad to meet with you.






  Ms Holbrook & Mr. Hanna




Ms. Holbrook