Friday, April 18, 2014

Geraldine W. Johnson School

Governance Council

Members: Principal Marlene Roberts, Mark Francis, Mary Francis, Amy Henson

We are currently looking for both parents and teachers who are willing to serve as Council Members. If interested, plese call 203 275-2505 and leave a message for Mary Francis.


The intent of the School Governance Council is to enable parents, school staff, and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement in the state’s lowest performing schools. School Governance Councils serve in an advisory capacity to assist the school administation.


NEXT MEETING 4/30/14 @ 3:15

 3/19/2014 Meeting Minutes

1. Assistant Principal Announcement: 
 Luisa Wolf has been selected for the position and will begin 4/21/14
Dr. D will stay for 2 days a week until the end of the year to assist Luisa Wolf in teacher evaluations
2. School Improvement Grant
 A group of teachers and administrators have been working together to research and write an alliance grant.  The grant makes the school eligible for 250,000 dollars from the state for needs identified by the staff.  We have identified our needs as climate/culture and academics.  For climate and culture we are asking for The RULER a social-emotional learning program out of Yale.  For academics we are focusing on aligning our tiered instruction.  We are doing so by receiving CES professional development and coaching and intervention materials.
3. Ideas for Spring
 Grade 6-8 dance
Luisa Wolf's disney night 
Parent-Teacher-Student basketball game
parent newsletter from PAC
multicultural night
4.Parent Communications: School Goal
It is the school's goal to communicate with parents about the accessibility of at-home online interventions.
Lexia workshops and Lexia letters along with Symphony math

 February 12, 2014

One additional interview was held today due to the school delay on 2/10. The following School Governance Committee members in attendance were: Mark and Mary Francis, Marlene Roberts, Colleen Furtak, Amy Henson, Marissa Wachtel, Becky Veliz and Mercy Petillo.

February 10,2014

Four interviews were held for the Assistant Principal position at Geraldine Johnson School. The following School Governance Committee members in attendance were: Mary and Mark Francis (co-chairs), Mrs.Marlene Roberts (principal), Colleen Furtak, Amy Henson, (teachers), Marissa Wachtel (school counselor), Becky Veliz, Rosita Stewart, Mercy Petillo (parents).