Saturday, December 20, 2014

School Governance Council

The intent of the School Governance Council is to enable parents, school staff, and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement in the state’s lowest performing schools. School Governance Councils serve in an advisory capacity to assist the school administation.

2014-2015 School Governance Council Members

Amy Henson -
Jessica Nichols -
Stuart Amdur -
Colleen Furtak -
Ashley Di Iorio -
Becky Veliz, Mercy Petillo, Denise Vazquez, Derrick Wilson, Maria Dugllay, Vladimir Laguerre, Tracie Geter, Alternate: Claudette Johnson

School Governance Council Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 12/17/14

1.   Welcome new members of the council, parents and staff. 

a. Select a secretary

b. Select an attendance taker

2.  Wesley Daunis (math coach) on school wide Aimsweb and Star assessment data

3. Stuart Amdur on how parents can access their childs grades through the power school portal

4. Amy Henson on the implementation of the SIP grant


b. Scholastic book room

5. Set date for January meeting.

October 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Began:  9:15 am

Members Present:  Becky Veliz, Mercy Petillo, Colleen Furtak, Mary Francis, Amy Henson, Marlene Roberts

Activity:   Purpose to interview candidates for the assistant principal position at GWJS by members of the SGC.  Session facilitated by Dolores M.  MasonFollowing discussions, consensus was reached, a recommendation was forwarded to the Human Resources Office for the Superintendent’s review.  The Superintendent will make the final decision. 

Meeting Adjourned:  2:15 pm

5/21/14 Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome Luisa Wolf, our new Assistant Principal, to Johnson School! Mrs. Wolf was the School Governance Council’s number one recommendation as Assistant Principal to the superintendent. 


2. Membership update:

The SGC is in immediate need of membership elections for the 2014-15 school year.  The election will be held by the end of the school year.  Nominations will be made during the next two weeks.  We are in need of 4 parents and 2 staff members.  The election results and information must be sent to the state.  A new chairperson will be voted in by the SGC constituents. 


3. Allocation and Budget:

The Bridgeport Board of Education determines the kind of support our school receives based on student enrollment.  For school year 2013-2014, Johnson School staff may increase by one part-time Numeracy Coach.  That decision will be forthcoming in the next few months.  The Instructional Support Facilitator position will be eliminated and replaced by a Literacy Coach.  Their responsibilities will be literacy based.  The allocation for next year will be $24,030 for school supplies and $5,607 for Title I parent involvement.  This year, 2013-2014, the budget monies were used for paper; smart board repairs and replacements; and art, music and office supplies.  Title One monies were used for parent workshops and materials. 


4. School Improvement Plan:

Johnson School wrote a school improvement plan grant for the 2014-15 school year.  We performed a needs analysis on the school and focused on school climate and academics.  We decided to pursue The RULER, a social emotional learning program out of Yale, that teaches empathy through language arts.  Teachers will receive professional development throughout the year.   We also asked for two online reading assessments, Star and the Scholastic Reading Inventory to strengthen services through a four tiered process of differentiated instruction.  One will give teachers the student's lexile level and the other will identify weaknesses in comprehension skills.  We asked for a leveled library to more appropriately match students to texts. Teachers will be receiving PD on differentiated instruction on-going throughout the year through CES.  Presently, we are awaiting to hear if our grant proposal has been awarded. 


5. Survey 

Completed as a group, to be entered in the computer.


6. Election discussion

Elections to be held to elect new members and new SGC chair person.



 3/19/2014 Meeting Minutes

1. Assistant Principal Announcement: 
 Luisa Wolf has been selected for the position and will begin 4/21/14
Dr. D will stay for 2 days a week until the end of the year to assist Luisa Wolf in teacher evaluations
2. School Improvement Grant
 A group of teachers and administrators have been working together to research and write an alliance grant.  The grant makes the school eligible for 250,000 dollars from the state for needs identified by the staff.  We have identified our needs as climate/culture and academics.  For climate and culture we are asking for The RULER a social-emotional learning program out of Yale.  For academics we are focusing on aligning our tiered instruction.  We are doing so by receiving CES professional development and coaching and intervention materials.
3. Ideas for Spring
 Grade 6-8 dance
Luisa Wolf's disney night 
Parent-Teacher-Student basketball game
parent newsletter from PAC
multicultural night
4.Parent Communications: School Goal
It is the school's goal to communicate with parents about the accessibility of at-home online interventions.
Lexia workshops and Lexia letters along with Symphony math

 February 12, 2014One additional interview was held today due to the school delay on 2/10. The following School Governance Committee members in attendance were: Mark and Mary Francis, Marlene Roberts, Colleen Furtak, Amy Henson, Marissa Wachtel, Becky Veliz and Mercy Petillo.

February 10,2014Four interviews were held for the Assistant Principal position at Geraldine Johnson School. The following School Governance Committee members in attendance were: Mary and Mark Francis (co-chairs), Mrs.Marlene Roberts (principal), Colleen Furtak, Amy Henson, (teachers), Marissa Wachtel (school counselor), Becky Veliz, Rosita Stewart, Mercy Petillo (parents).