Monday, August 3, 2015

Principal - Mrs. Rebecca Cabrera

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Giovanna Ramos

Office Staff - Laura Healey- Donna Cauthern

Support Staff

Social Worker - Mr. Sheehy

School Psychologist - Dr.Vida Peskay and Ms. Kane-Guedes

School Guidance - Ms. Vaz

Speech - Ms. Rutherford /Theresa McElroy

Occupational Therapy - Mrs. Mary Savoy

Nurse- Ms. Lisa Mostufa

Security- Ms. Lillian Martinez

Home School Coordinator- Mrs. Goncalves

In school Suspension - Mrs. DePass

ESL teacher- Mrs. Swift/Mrs. Milagros

Resource Teachers : Mrs. Gazda, Mrs. Stewart

 Kindergarten Classrooms:

Room 101 Ms. Reed

Room 102 Mrs. Conecoff

Room 103 - Mr. Galimi

Room 208 Ms. Myers

1st Grade Classrooms:

 Room 105 -Mrs. Gibbs

Room 106 - Mrs. Wilson 

Room 107- Mrs. Desautels

Second Grade Classrooms:

Room 201- Mrs. Dubyoski 

 Room202- Mrs. Meehan

Room 203- Ms. Deluca

Third Grade Classrooms

Room 204- Mrs. Caserta 

 Room 205- Mrs. Dugan

Room 206- Mrs. Diaz

Fourth Grade Classrooms

Room 301- Ms. Ball

 Room 302 -Mrs. Randolph

 Room 303- Mrs. Forte

 Fifth Grade Classrooms

Room 305 -Ms. Briganti,

Room 306 -Ms. Haynes

Room 307 -Ms. Kelemen

 Sixth Grade Classrooms

Room 308- Mr. Gallo

Room 309- Mrs. Febbriello

Room  310 - Mrs. DeRosa

Special Ed Teachers - ASD

Room 207 Ms. Collins

Room 207/302 Ms. Esposito

Room 304 Ms. Lichaa

Room 104 Ms. Pearl

Support Staff

Literacy Coach - Mrs. Balestriere

Math Enhancement Mrs. McNamara

Numeracy Coach Ms. DeVillegas

Physical Education - Ms. Love-Williams

Music - Mrs.Gaboardi  

Art- Mrs. Glover 

Library- Mrs. Reyes

 Paraproffesionals Mrs. Athanas,Mrs. Sorrentino,  Ms. Marshal, Ms. Sherrod ,

Mrs. Lacurt, Mrs. Elliot, Ms. Kasey, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Tiani, Ms. Laffitte,

Mrs. Morales, Ms. Reece, Ms. Romero and Mrs. Fern

 Custodians Mr. Pete, Mr. Ralph and Ms. Maria

Cafeteria - Ms. DaMota