Friday, December 15, 2017

Hallen Initiatives

Dr. Deborah Santacapita

We will continue to embrace the PBIS Model for achieving optimal behavior from all our students each and every day. Each Hallen student will continue to earn a letter each day (S.O.A.R.S) to participate in our Fun Friday activity.  Students also have a chance to earn tickets for “Caught You for Being Good” which will earn a prize and announcement of the student’s name on the intercom. This is a wonderful way to acknowledge positive behavior. 

We will continue to implement our school wide initiative called “Take a Break Corner”. It is located in a corner of the classroom decorated with colorful objects or posters that students can go to if they need a few minutes to calm down and reassess their behavior. They can write down their feelings in a journal if they desire and return, feeling better in a matter of a few minutes. A timer is used by the students so they know when time is up.

Our school-wide initiative called, “Morning Meetings” has had a positive effect on our students’ connection to each other and their teacher.  Every morning, students share and rate their emotions using a 1-5 rating system, 5 being the best. If students do not feel valued or appreciated, they will not try to achieve their personal best. This quick self-assessment gives them the opportunity to assess their feelings, values their right to express it, and allows them to connect with their peers and teacher.