Sunday, October 23, 2016

Look at what's happening at Geraldine Johnson School!

Ten Things Teachers Wish Parents Would Do (according to the National PTA)
1. Be involved. Your involvement will encourage students to learn, help improve schools and support teachers in motivating children to succeed.
2.Provide resources
at home for learning. Utilize your local library and have books and magazines available in your home. Read with your children each day.

3. Set a good example. Show your chldren by your own actions that reading is enjoyable and useful. Monitor television viewing and the use of videos and game systems.
4. Encourage students to do their best in school. Show them you believe education is important and that you want them to do their best.
5. Value education and seek a balance between schoolwork and outside activites.
6. Recognize factors that take a toll on classroom performance such as lack of sleep.
7. Support school rules and goals.
8. Use pressure positively. Encourage children to do their best, but don't pressure them by setting goals too high.
9. Call teachers early if there is a problem. Don't wait for teachers to call you.
10. Accept your responsibility as parents. Don't expect the school and teachers to take over your parental obligations. Teach children self-discipline and respect for others at home.

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