Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2013-2014 Academic Year


P.R.I.D.E. Academy Staff and Room Assignments:


 Position:              Last Name:                 First Name:               Email
 Math Teacher               Purvis             John             jpurvis@bridgeportedu.net
 Science Teacher             Moss             Nicole             nmoss@bridgeportedu.net
 English Teacher             Astle             Sean             sastle@bridgeportedu.net
 Science Teacher             Bookbinder             Samantha             sbookbinder@bridgeportedu.net
 English Teacher             Newcome             Aaron             anewcome@bridgeportedu.net
 Social Studies Teacher             Arrington             Stanley             sarrington@bridgeportedu.net
 Social Studies Teacher             Genova             Frank             fgenova@bridgeportedu.net
Math Teacher            Guiliani            Anthony             aguiliani@bridgeportedu.net
Sp. Ed. Teacher            Neagle            Gregory             gneagle@bridgeportedu.net
Art Teacher            David            Brandon             dbrandon@bridgeportedu.net
Gym/Health Teacher             DeAngelis             Craig             cdeangelis@bridgeportedu.net
Social Worker            Boyd-Whitehead            Geraldine             gbwhitehead@bridgeportedu.net
Guidance Counselor            Maignan-Lafontant            Finette             flafontant@bridgeportedu.net
Secretary            Nubin            Mae             mnubin@bridgeportedu.net
Custodian            Nelson            Brent             bnelson@bridgeportedu.net
Principal            Conway            Randall             rconway@bridgeportedu.net
Security Guard            Younger            Stanley              
 Family and Consumer Sciences             Williams             Susan              swilliams2@bridgeportedu.net
 Paraprofessional             Vervil             Saint Luc              svervil@bridgeportedu.net



Staff Directory for P.R.I.D.E. Academy is currently under construction. Please come back later.