Thursday, November 23rd, 2017
ATTENDANCE PROCEDURE 1. Students who are tardy must report to the administrative office first and their homeroom teacher will be notified of their presence through the administrative office. 2. In the case of an absence, parents or guardians must call their child’s school on the day of the absence – no later than 10 a.m. 3. In the event of no notification of absence by the parent or guardian, the school will make a reasonable attempt by phone to contact the parent or guardian at home or work concerning the student’s absence on the day of the absence. 4. On the morning a student returns to school, it is expected that the student will bring a written note signed by a parent/guardian with the reason for the absence(s). (Without a note, all absences become unexcused absences). 5. Each school must alert parents to the possibility of failure because of a serious absence record. 6. Staff will immediately notify the office with any question concerning a child’s absence, especially when the staff, or another student, may recall seeing the child at school or on school grounds. Principals must inform all parents/guardians, via a letter, of the above attendance procedures. That letter must be signed by the parent/guardian, and returned back to the school. The letter must also request that a parent/guardian include updated emergency information on each child, i.e. where parents work, home address, current home telephone number, work telephone number, cell phone number, pager, as well as the names of individuals who will be picking up students.