Thursday, September 3rd, 2015
The purposes of the PAC are to:
1. Involve the parents and teachers in a cooperative and continuous system of activities which will increase the educational opportunities of the children, both in school and at home.
2. Improve school-home relationship by enabling parents and school personnel to: a. Define their relationships to each other. b. Identify family needs and resources including those of the community, as well as school needs and resources.
3. Provide teachers and administrators with opinions and viewpoints that will lead to a better analysis of the needs of the school.
4. Sustain parental and school personnel interest through PAC meetings.
5. All efforts should lead to harmonious unity of all involved.
6. The organization shall be noncommercial, nonprofit, nonpartisan and nonsectarian.
Membership is open to all individuals having a child enrolled as a student at High Horizons Magnet School, and to all faculty members of the school.
a. There are no membership dues.
b. Only members of the organization are eligible to serve in any elective or appointive positions.
c. A parent commitment letter is distributed each fall. The parents of new students and the parents of returning students reaffirm their involvement in their child's education.