Friday, December 15th, 2017

STUDENT BEHAVIOR Students are expected to comply with the Code of Discipline set forth by the Bridgeport Board of Education. Copies are distributed to students in fifth through eighth grade. It goes without saying that children are expected to demonstrate good behavior at all times while in school as well as riding to and from school if they are transported by school bus. It is understood that students will be courteous and respectful to all school staff and to each other. Additionally, it is important that children recognize the value of school property and take care not to damage it. Parents will be contacted regarding any disciplinary action concerning their child. Please stress this point clearly to your child. BULLYING As the Bridgeport schools are committed to providing an educational environment where the rights and dignity of all students are respected, any acts of bullying by one or more students against another is prohibited. This includes any physical or verbal conduct which is demeaning, intimidating, hostile, or which could result in physical or emotional harm to another student. Bullying generally involves a real or perceived imbalance in power between the bully and the victim. The behaviors, which are prohibited, include: 1. Physical violence and attacks. 2. Verbal taunting, name-calling and put-downs. 3. Threats and intimidation. 4. Extortion or stealing of money or things. 5. Exclusion from peer group. 6. Racially, ethnically, or gender based abuse. Violations of this policy may constitute a Type I, II, or III disciplinary offense. Where the underlying conduct is not specifically categorized, the responsible administrator shall determine the appropriate discipline based upon the severity of the act.