Saturday, November 18th, 2017

BUS TRANSPORTATION Rules and Regulations Bus transportation is provided to all students who live outside a one-mile radius from High Horizons Magnet School. Students must demonstrate good behavior at all times while riding the buses. For the safety and welfare of all students, the following rules governing behavior on the bus have been set up by the Bridgeport Board of Education. Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action by the Principal and possible suspension of bus privileges. Bus drivers will report violators to the Principal and the Principal will take the necessary disciplinary action. ·Leave home early enough to arrive at your bust stop on time. ·Enter the bus quietly and quickly take your seat. ·Do not tamper with safety doors or equipment. ·Do not damage or deface the bus in any manner. ·Remain in your seat while the bus is moving. ·Follow the bus driver’s instructions. ·Be courteous to the bus driver and fellow passengers. ·Remain quiet and orderly on the bus. Loud or boisterous noise distracts the bus driver and drowns out warning signals from other cars and trucks, police and fire personnel, or emergency vehicles. ·Keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times. ·Do not smoke on the school bus. ·Be alert to traffic when entering and leaving the school bus. Cross ten (10) to fifteen (15) feet in front of the school bus. Always watch for vehicles which might not stop for the school bus. All students must ride their assigned busses. A written note is required on any day your child will not be riding his assigned bus. A written note is also necessary when your child is to be picked up after school instead of riding the bus home.