Friday, September 4th, 2015


Parents of High Horizons students sign a Parent Commitment Letter offering their pledge in carrying out responsibilities for their child's education.

As with all public schools in Bridgeport, High Horizons Magnet School is committed to children's intellectual, social, and emotional development. Instruction is given to students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 in all required curriculum areas, with special emphasis on Reading and Language Arts. A racially balance population provides a rich blending of students from various backgrounds from throughout the city. The instructional program at High Horizons Magnet School is geared for students of average and above average ability. Class sizes are smaller which assures more student-teacher interaction and high student achievement. High academic standards and a safe learning environment nurture a positive school experience.

Entrance into High Horizons Magnet School is by application by parent choice. Each student's application is evaluated using criteria that measure academic achievement and social development.

All parents at High Horizons Magnet School have a right and an obligation to become involved in their children's school. Statistics have proved that the more parents become involved, the more successful their children are in the educational process.

Parents and families, please understand the importance of your involvement. You chose High Horizons Magnet School because of the academic performance. We are not a neighborhood school. It is harder for your children to study together after school. You are needed to reinforce the learning process so your child can achieve in academics and their life.

The PAC organization at High Horizons Magnet School asks for your commitment to the following responsibilities:

1. Insure Your Child's Daily Regular Attendance. Children who do not go to school do not learn.

2. Reinforce Your Child's Respect for Peers, Teachers, School Environment and Herself and Himself . Children who have a healthy respect for people and our world are more open to a learning experience.

3. Attend the Monthly PAC Meetings. This organization is the vehicle through which the parent-child-school relationship is protected.

4. Know the System. By regularly attending PAC meetings you will have the knowledge and understanding of what is happening at our school which affects the parent-child-school relationship.

5. Prove Your Commitment.  You enhance your child's educational progress if you continually support our fund raisers, join a committee, attend the book fair and get your child to evening performances that are really a part of her/his school life.


_____________________________ Signature of Parent