Tuesday, April 28, 2015

John Winthrop is the proud recipient of an Apple grant through the White House ConnectED initiative. By giving students access to the latest technology and powerful learning tools, we’re working to transform the classroom into a place of deeper exploration and creativity.



Bridgeport Public Schools Preschool Registration

April 21-24 - Scholastic Book Fair - Shop Online Click here

April 24 - Track Meet CHS

April 7 - Peer Docent NYC Field Trip

April 29 - Heritage Assembly



Bell Time Schedule 
Full Session DayOne Session Day
Grades K-5 8:50-3:10Grades K-5 8:50-12:50
Grades 6-8 8:35-2:55Grades 6-8 8:35-12:35
School Delay Schedule 
1 Hour Delay90 Minute Delay
Grades K-5 9:50AM Grades K-5 10:20AM (NO BREAKFAST)
Grades 6-8 9:35AM Grades 6-8 10:05AM (NO BREAKFAST)
Early Lighthouse starts at 8:30AM Early Lighthouse starts at 9:00AM
 2 Hour Delay 
 Grades K-5 10:50AM (NO BREAKFAST) 
 Grades 6-8 10:35AM (NO BREAKFAST) 
 Early Lighthouse starts at 9:30AM 










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