Friday, July 29, 2016

Thomas Hooker School in the News! 

Katie Smuckler's fifth grade class from Thomas Hooker School singing "One Day" by Matisyahu, a song about emotions. It was charming, moving and the brought many in the audience to tears. Never underestimate the power of students expressing their heartfelt emotions through song.


Message from the Principal 



It is a pleasure to be a part of the Hooker School Family.  I look forward to getting acquainted with all who are affiliated with our school in the very near future.

Some emphasis that will be created or enhanced include:

  • Special positive environment
  • Academic rigor
  • Increasing oral fluency/ reading
  • Addressing the common core of standards
  • High expectations of students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and all who are part of the Hooker School community
  • Open door policy for parents
  • Enhancing participation with community partners
  • Building a better relationship between the school and home
  • Challenging students to reach their full potential
  • Instilling pride and love of education

Please ask your child/children; what did they learn today? Or, what was exciting in school today?  I am excited about the education journey for our Hooker Students.


Mrs. Veronica F. Thomas

Interim Principal


Buying food is a SNAP! 

  • What is SNAP? SNAP is the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program; SNAP provides families and individuals with financial resources to purchase groceries. 
  • Many families are surprised the qualify- it's quick easy and confidential, just call (866)-974-7627 or visit for more information. 

Interim Principal: Veronica Thomas

Assistant Principal: Lorraine Wojchik

School Address: 138 Roger Williams Road

Telephone: 203-576-7185


There is a mandatory uniform policy

Beige Khaki pants, skirts, skorts or jumpers. Navy blue dress pants are also acceptable attire.

*New for 2015-2016
Thomas Hooker School has selected navy blue shirts and white uniform shirts.

  Next SGC Meetings:

 May 19th 


Welcome families!


Thomas Hooker School encourages partnerships between parents and classroom teachers. If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please send an email including your contact information and your child's name to:


Thomas Hooker School is a community of parents, teachers, and staff who care for the children entrusted to us.

We strive to provide a nurturing, safe environment where our students can develop their interests and abilities.

We are committed to preparing our students for the intellectual journey life has before them.

We challenge our students to develop high academic, social, and personal standards.


  Please bring your box tops to school to make a difference!

We are excited to be rolling out the RULER Emotional Intelligence Initiative

How are you feeling?