Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Message from the Principal


I trust that our families are enjoying a fun and safe summer enjoying each other. As you have fun on the beach, playing outside, going on vacations, etc… remember to take a book along to read. Our students have all received the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge log to document the books read throughout the summer. These are to be brought to school in August.  

This year, the focus for all grades will be on increasing Oral Fluency. The more students read, the more fluent they become. Reading to students makes them better readers. For grades 2-8 it is important that students read independently at home for at least 35 minutes. For grades K-1 it should be a minimum of ten minutes with increased time as the fluency improves. The public library has books leveled according to the DRA levels which will help parents identify appropriate books for grades K-3. 

I am looking forward to a successful 2015-2016 school year and your continued support and commitment to our students and community.  The first day for students is on August 27, 2015. That is a one session day from 8:50 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Students should be lined up no earlier than 8:40 a.m. 

School supply lists are available at the school or on our website. 

The school office is open for registering or withdrawing children, as well as to answer any questions. Please call before you come to school to be sure personnel is in the office at the time you plan to visit us. 


Lourdes Delgado, Principal  

Lorraine Wojchik, Assistant Principal 


Principal: Lourdes Delgado

Assistant Principal: Lorraine Wojchik

School Address: 138 Roger Williams Road

Telephone: 203-576-7185


 There is a mandatory uniform policy

Beige Khaki pants, skirts, skorts or jumpers.

*New for 2015-2016
Thomas Hooker School has selected navy blue shirts and white uniform shirts.



Welcome families!


Thomas Hooker School encourages partnerships between parents and classroom teachers. If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please send an email including your contact information and your child's name to:


Bridgeport Parent Hotline (203) 576-1311

Thomas Hooker School is a community of parents, teachers, and staff who care for the children entrusted to us.

We strive to provide a nurturing, safe environment where our students can develop their interests and abilities.

We are committed to preparing our students for the intellectual journey life has before them.

We challenge our students to develop high academic, social, and personal standards.


  Please bring your box tops to school to make a difference!