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Bassick High School Course Descriptions




ACCOUNTING II   Grade 10, 11, 12 - 10 points

is designed to reinforce the accounting concepts and procedures learned in Accounting 1 and to further the scholars’ understanding and use of a variety of accounting procedures and documents. Prerequisite: Accounting 1


CCP Marketing (College Career Pathways) Grades 11, 12 - 10 points

A study of the scope and significance of marketing in contemporary American business with emphasis on marketing consumer goods and developing the essential elements of the marketing mix (product, price, distribution, and promotion).  Upon successful completion of the course and fulfillment of the Housatonic Community College academic requirements, scholars can earn 3 college credits from Housatonic Community College.


ECONOMICS Grades 11, 12 - 5 points

Introduces terminology and concepts in the field of micro and macroeconomics.  Topics covered include: opportunity costs, demand and supply, equilibrium pricing, comparative advantage, inflation, employment, and economic growth.  Through these topics, scholars will use both math and writing skills to analyze domestic and international economic policies.  Finally, scholars will use internet and computer software to enhance classroom learning with up-to-date economic trends.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS   Grades 10, 11, 12 - 5 points

is a one semester course designed to provide students with the global perspective of our business economy.  The program draws upon areas of marketing, management, finance, economics and intercultural communications.



students will begin to assume entrepreneurial roles. They will recognize opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to formulate plans for successful business ventures. Student will learn about the values, traits, and skills most often associated with successful entrepreneurial activities. Student will begin the process of establishing and operating a successful business at the school level and develop partnerships with community and other outside businesses.


LAW FOR BUSINESS (Elective)   Grades 11, 12 - 5 points

Unit 1:  Law as a career; the Legal System, Constitutional Rights, the Court system, Criminal and Civil Law Unit 2:  Contract Law, types of contracts Unit 3:  Law for Retail Sales Unit 4:  Property Law Unit 5:  Employment Law



Covers the foundations of consumer behavior as it relates to the sports and entertainment business industry.  Students will learn how to design and implement business and marketing plans.  Students will also learn the integration of product, pricing, promotion, distribution, sales, sponsorship, advertising, and brand in the marketing of sport goods and services.  Finally students will conduct an analysis of leagues, teams, events, properties, corporations, and manufacturers in the industry.  The role of ethics in the business of sports and entertainment will also be addressed.  The Business of Sports and Entertainment develops the scholars’ understanding of the entertainment field and major role that the sports and entertainment industry plays.  Thus, it is designed for students who wish to explore the Sports and Entertainment industry and its potential for future employment.  Students will participate in interdisciplinary marketing and design projects as they relate to the sports and entertainment climate within the school.  Students will work to design and market sports ad books and the school yearbook as part of the course of studies.




ESL ACADEMIC SUPPORT Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 - 5 points

Directive Academic Learning Services (DALS) provides academic support to ESL students through; homework completion, test taking, project assistance, essay writing, make-up work for mainstream courses, individual tutoring and small group tutorials.  Prerequisite: Must be ESL student




INTRO TO POETRY (Elective)   Grades 11, 12 - 5 points

Course covers the major genres of poetry and the field of classic poets while touching on modern poetry.  Prerequisite: English 9 & 10


MULTI-CULTURAL LITERATURE STUDY (Elective)   Grade 11, 12 - 10 points

Course will focus on exploration, through literature, of some diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences common among individuals within our school district, and as a result, develop appreciation for the cultures of others as well as our own.  Prerequisite:  English 11


PEER TUTORING  Grade 12 - 10 points

is a course in which seniors, selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and an interest in helping others, are assigned to work one class period with a teacher helping scholars in need of academic assistance.  Peer tutors gain skills in interpersonal relationships, organization, public speaking, and motivational techniques.  Prerequisite:  Recommendation by administrator, coordinator, and teachers.




A.P. CALCULUS AB     Grades 11, 12 - 10 points

covers all topics algebraically, geometrically, and analytically.  These include: functions, analysis of graphs, limits, continuity; derivatives at a point and of functions, second derivatives and applications and computation of derivatives; interpretations and properties of definite integrals, applications of integrals, including volumes of solids of revolution, disks, and washer; the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; and techniques and applications of anti-differentiation and numerical approximations to definite integrals.  Scholars are required to take the Advanced Placement examination in May and may receive credit for up to two semesters of Calculus.  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Pre-Calculus and Teacher Recommendation.


CCP PRE-CALC (College Career Pathways)    Grades 11, 12 - 10 points

provides a study of the concepts from algebra and trigonometry that will be used in Calculus. Upon successful completion of the course and a satisfactory score on the math placement examination, scholars can earn 3 college credits from Housatonic Community College. Prerequisite: Algebra 2 with a grade of “B” or higher


Performing Arts


BEG BAND __________________   _ ____   Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 - 10 points

an introduction to woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.  Students will choose their focus instrument during the first week of school.  Group and individual practice will be expected.  There is a performance requirement for this class. 


INTRO TO MUSIC Grade 9 - 10 points

students will begin the process of surveying music and music technology.  Students are expected to have previous vocal or instrumental experience. Course content will include music technology, music theory, piano, and composition techniques. Students will produce simple recording and compositions of their music as part of their project-based learning experience.



students will increase their awareness, understanding, and appreciation of all aspects of theater and related performing arts.  Students will learn the basic principles of acting and dance, theatre history and the work of master playwrights.


MUSIC 1 Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 - 10 points

this will be a half-year survey of music technology.  Students will be expected to have previous music experience whether it’s vocal or instrumental.  Through this course, students will get an introduction to music technology, basic music theory, piano, and composition techniques.  They will work in small groups to create a simple recorded and notated composition as a final project.  Prerequisite: Strings, Piano, Band, Choir, or a recommendation from their 8th grade music teacher for the incoming freshmen.




PIANO ELEC MUSIC Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 - 10 points

students will explore learning to sing.  They will work in a large group to perform at various times of year and learn different genres of music.  Both boys and girls are encouraged to sign up for choir. 


STRINGS ORCHESTRA     Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 -10 points

an introduction to guitar, violin,‘cello and ukulele.  Students will choose their focus instrument.  An opportunity to try a new instrument will be given at the end of each marking period.  Group and individual practice will be expected.  There is a performance requirement for this class.


THEATRE ARTS II (Elective)   Grades 10, 11, 12 - 10 points

Group games, improvisational theatre, scene performance and playwriting.




ANATOMY/PHYSIOLOGY (Elective)   Grades 11, 12 - 10 points

is a course that investigates the structure and function of the human body.  Topics covered will include the basic organization of the body, biochemical composition; major body systems and the impact of diseases on body system.  Prerequisite:  Biology


INTRO TO ASTRONOMY  Grade 9 - 10 points

students will explore in-depth Earth science topics such as plate tectonics, planetary geology and atmosphere, and ocean formations. Students will gain knowledge about how the solar system was formed and about the comparative geology of the eight planets in the solar system. This basic understanding of the solar system will be developed as students learn to use the school’s telescope located in our Planetarium


Social Studies


AP AMERICAN GOV  Grades 11, 12 - 10 points

is a college level course designed to give scholars a thorough understanding of the structure and function of American government, and also foster a deep appreciation of our freedoms and an enthusiastic desire to be civically involved and a full participant in our democratic process.  Scholars can expect to come away with an understanding of a broad range of political issues and it is hoped that they will use this knowledge to formulate their own opinions and to exercise the rights and responsibilities that come with being a responsible citizen.  Finally, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on preparing scholars to take the Advanced Placement examination.  (This course meets the Civics graduation requirement).


MIDDLE EASTERN STUDY (Elective) Grades 10, 11, 12 - 5 points

Course will examine 5 units of study:  Geography (physical & climate), History (Tigris/Euphrates, Ottoman, Western involvement), Culture (Muslim, Palestinians, Kibbutz, and Dubai), Government (Republics, Monarchies, future democracies), Economics.


PERSPECTIVES ON RACE (Elective)   Grades 11, 12 - 5 points

Exploration of historical & contemporary issues surrounding race relations in the U.S.; from the American slave trade through current events.  Partnership with Oxford High School includes cultural exchange component in order to broaden students’ perspectives on race.


Visual Arts


INTRO TO ART Grade 9 - 10 points

students will learn the foundations of art through the use color, shape, form, texture and through the use of various drawing and painting tools.  Students will also use the fundamentals of computer drawing and image manipulation with professional image editing software to crest various projects.


INTRO TO FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY Grade 9 - 10 points

students will engage in the application of a systematic and multi-disciplinary approach to learning as they begin to master photo/video hardware and software, ultimately producing original films and photographic exhibitions. Final creations of student work will be aired on the Lion’s Den TV show.




World Language


SPANISH FOR EMERGENCY RESPONDERS (Elective)   Grades 10, 11, 12 - 5 points

This course is for students who may be interested in becoming emergency responders, police officers or firefighters and be one step ahead by knowing the proper Spanish vocabulary for emergency situations. Prerequisite:Successful completion of Spanish I.


SPANISH CREATIVE WRITING (Elective) Grades 10, 11, 12 - 5 points

Development of divers writing styles in Spanish with English translation such as essay, short story, research paper, translation of official documents, poetry, journalism, fiction, epic novel, resume.  Prerequisite: Spanish for Spanish Speakers I or II.


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Congratulations to Amani Young for winning first place in the Bridgeport Health Poster Contest

Watch Leonardo Drew's Art Installation near the Main Office


The Finest Urban High School in Connecticut

The Following are news and announcements from our school


Congratulations to our very own Claude Desir, a sophomore, who won first place in the 4th Congressional District Art Contest.

His artwork above will now be on display at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. for the next year. 

Claude also won this years Empowerment Summit "Dream School" T-Shirt design contest