Thursday, December 14, 2017

High Horizons Magnet School provides the very highest quality of instruction in all areas with a special emphasis on Reading and Language Arts. The learning community is dedicated to promoting the intellectual, social, emotional and aesthetic development of all its students. Challenging daily instructional activities are geared toward enhancing all students' critical thinking and problem solving skills and form a well-recognized and solid elementary foundation for higher education. High expectations for student achievement form the cornerstone of the educational mission at High Horizons.


MAGNET SCHOOL BACKGROUND The schools offer unique educational programs designed to attract students from throughout the city. Throughout the nation, magnet schools have become highly regarded for providing quality education. In September 1979, the Bridgeport Board of Education opened the first magnet schools in the district. Now there are three elementary magnet schools and three high school magnet programs.

HIGH HORIZONS PROGRAM As with all public schools in Bridgeport, High Horizons Magnet School is committed to children’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. Instruction is given to students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 in all required curriculum areas, with special emphasis on Reading and Language Arts. Class size is limited to twenty-five students per class, which allows for strong student-teacher interaction. High academic standards and a safe learning environment nurture a positive school experience. This setting fosters friendship, respect, and a joy for learning. HIGH HORIZONS HIGHLIGHTS High Quality Education Safe, Secure, Learning Environment Two All-Day Kindergarten Classrooms Experienced and Dedicated Teaching Staff Focus on Reading and Language Arts Networked Computer Laboratory Networked Classroom Computers in all Grades Limited Class size (25 per class) Media/Library Physical Education Center (Weight room, gymnasium, swimming pool) Performing Arts (Instrumental and Vocal Music) Strong Parental/Community Involvement Educational Field Trips Visual Arts Program Adopt-A-School –Cooperative Association with People’s Bank Full Time Guidance Counselor and Student Support Personnel Fully Staffed Health Center