Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harding High School HistoryOn May 10, 1924, the cornerstone of Warren Harding High School was laid, and as reported in the Evening Star, "In layout and equipment the building will be the last word in modern school building design. The building will have administration offices, teachers’ restrooms, a library center, shops, gymnasium, a large auditorium and a sports complex."

Built in a Georgian style with a Greek facade, at a final cost of $1,619,642.37, the school opened the following year on September 9, 1925. The student population was expected to be between 1,500 and 1,800 students.

The sports complex was not completed until 1935, as part of a FERA labor project during the depression. The complex included a football field, cinder track, baseball field, tennis courts and space for field events. The complex was named after Ralph Hedges, the first principal of the school.

By August of 1930, the school was placed on double sessions because of overcrowding. The morning session attended from 7:30 AM until 12:30 PM. The afternoon session started at 12:45 and was dismissed at 5:30 PM. These morning and afternoon sessions continued until 1965, when an additional 14 rooms, cafeteria and girl's gymnasium were completed.

Warren Harding High School originally had a three program curriculum designed to meet college, business and work needs. That program continued until 1970 when the curriculum was redesigned. Harding has a long tradition of academic and athletic success. Many Harding graduates have excelled in business, medicine, government, and professional sports. The current enrollment is approximately 1200 students and the staff has over 100 members.

The above history is courtesy of Mr. A. Pratt, former Social Studies teacher at Harding H. S.